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Loving the podcasts.. the best I've heard for learning Spanish and I've been through a LOT of language programs, podcasts etc.. You've really nailed the format.

Duncan from Adelaide, South Australia

The pdfs are outstanding, they give much more explanation than I have ever come across on the Internet."

Tim from Australia

Buy the premium podcasts! One of my long-life dreams has been to learn to speak Spanish. I finally retired, I said to myself: “This is it, now is the time = Y por fin aprende español”

I registered for a Spanish class / I went on line / I searched for language podcasts / ….and I was rewarded big time when I discovered a real gem in Spanish A+ y por fin aprende español. It was mid-July 2008 and I downloaded podcasts after podcasts and played them over and over.

I was retired so I didn’t want extra expenses so I didn’t pay attention to the membership part of the podcast. One day I heard Jade say: “ This whole podcast is available to everyone, not just our members, so make sure you download the .pdf files quickly before we replace them” So I went and investigated……My oh my. The transfers were there for the last class, I could see what they said, I could get the whole transcript….. this took my level of learning to a new level….it was easier, and faster to figure out what was said and how it was written. I got addicted to those .pdf files even if they weren’t the complete text.. But as I reviewed the old lessons, I realized it would be much better if I had the old .pdf files and I joined and ordered the Intermediate level classes. It’s been such a help. The whole discussions , the missing .pdf files, the extra material to help me practice. WOW! I can only tell everyone it’s worth every penny. I was so impressed and pleased that I actually ordered the beginner’s series for my husband.

I still attend classes at the Spanish Centre, but these enhanced podcasts have helped me tremendously in improving my vocabulary and my listening skills

Hopefully the next four months I spend in Mexico will make me even more confident in speaking the language.
Just want to tell you guys how very much I appreciate your podcasts. I just discovered your site last week from a Utube site, How to learn Spanish. I have been studying Spanish on my own for more years than I want to admit using various sources and by far you are the absolute best way I have found to improve spanish. I love it!

I love your podcasts; they are very helpful. I wish I had known about them several years ago. I visit Mexico each year and I intend to live there within a couple of years. Soon I will become a member and help support your work as it is greatly needed for those wanting to learn Spanish like me.

Spanish Learning Tip of the Week:

Tips for intermediate and advanced students:

Write vocabulary on index cards and quiz yourself whenever you have a few free minutes.
Listen to our podcasts for native speakers of the language

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