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Sbobet History

Though Bola Sbobet is identical with men but as the history grows more about this game, women can compete too and there is one strong female player.

Powerful Woman in The History of Bola Sbobet
Card game is identical with men and since the WSOO began in 1970, the players were all men until in 1983, Barbara became the first female player in the Bola Sbobet tournament.

However, it was not the end of women’s contribution in this game because Ladies Championship was created for all women. Not only that, along with the history, there so many ladies who had great journey of this game.

Bola Sbobet Alice Ivers, The Strong Female Player in History
Though the first female in WSOP appeared in 1983, Bola casino sbobet was not the new game because long time ago, there was a strong female player in the history and she Alice Ivers.

During her lifetime, she won, she dealt and she defeated other players in American West. She came from Devonshire in England but her family then moved to stateside back in 1863. In 1880, she was in Colorado and the she married the year after.

She married to Frank which was the card game player and from her husband; she learned to play this card game and joint on the table. When her husband dies in the mining through accident several years later, Alice decided to survive and make living with her talents in playing this card game.

It gave her life in US and 2 more husbands. However, she spent so much time in the jail after shooting a man on the saloon as the self-defense but she kept playing Bola Sbobet until 1930 when she died.


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